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Dr. McFiddle’s Brilliant Book of Creative Conflict Potions and Other Magical Things
By Dr. Joshua Weiss
Illustrated by Olga Scherbakova
A fun, beautifully illustrated chapter book to teach children how to manage conflict. Ages 8-11.
(Published by CRC, 2022)

Paperback: $14.99. Ebook: $9.99
This book must be ordered here.

The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet: A Handbook on Creative Approaches to Living and Problem Solving for Students
By Priscilla Prutzman and Kathleen Cochran
First published in 1978, this updated 4th edition is an invaluable guide to addressing conflict resolution cooperation, communication, affirmation, bias awareness, creative responses to bullying, problem-solving, and mediation in the classroom. Includes a trove of activities and workshop plans. (Published by CRC) Hard copy $40. Digital copy $20

Friendly Classroom & Communities for Young Children: A Manual of Conflict Resolution Activities and Resources
By Priscilla Prutzman & Kathleen Cochran
Educators and those who work with children will find this an indispensable tool for teaching conflict resolution to kids of all ages. (Published by CRC) Hard copy $20. Digital copy $10

Theoretical & Practical Materials for Conflict Resolution Education
By Priscilla Prutzman
This comprehensive book covers theory and activities for cooperation, affirmation, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, mediation, bias awareness, and bullying prevention. There are also sections on nonviolence, planning and facilitation, and conflict resolution and the arts. (Published by CRC) Hard copy $40. Digital copy $20

A Community of Learners: An Early Childhood Curriculum Integrating Conflict Resolution, Social-Emotional Learning, and Literacy
By Kathleen Cochran
This curriculum includes worksheets, sample letters to parents, poems, songs, and other resources to accompany the activities.  (Published by CRC) Hard copy $40.00. Digital copy $20

Friendly Classroom Mediation Manual: School Mediation from Planning to Practice
By Priscilla Prutzman and Judith M. Johnson
This manual looks at the themes and concepts of mediation, looks at model programs, offers guidelines for selecting mediators, and includes curriculum for training student mediators. (Published by CRC) Hard copy $25. Digital copy $15

A Year of SCRC: 35 Experiential Workshops for the Classroom
By Louise Gomer Bangel, Kinshasha Nia-Azarish, & Frances Kern-Crotty
A manual for the program of Students’ Creative Response to Conflict. Workshop content for teaching the skills of affirmation, cooperation, communication, valuing differences, and conflict management. (Published by CRC) $25

Discovery Time for Cooperation & Conflict Resolution
By Sarah Pirtle
Includes activities on bias awareness and the expressive arts for kindergarten through grade 8. A year’s worth of activities that will teach social skills through language arts and social studies curriculum, integrate the expressive arts into the social curriculum, and build a caring classroom community (Published by CRC) $20

Student Mediation Resource Guide
Methods and materials used in CRC mediation training for school children. Includes mediation scripts, articles, and handouts. (Published by CRC) $10

Creating a Peaceful Classroom for Young Children
By Mary Ann McPherson
This is a manual for preschool teachers and childcare providers, which has the goal of teaching very young children to become successful problem solvers. It includes resources and activities based on CRC’s four main themes. (Published by CRC) $20

A Gandhian Quaker Convict & Peace Teacher Lee Stern: World War II Conscientious Objector
By Caroline Besse Webster
Co-founder of CRC, Sten was one of the most influential Quakers of the 20th century. Imprisoned as a conscientious objector (WW II) he helped racially integrate the prison. A prominent member of NYC & Rockland Quaker communities, he worked for Fellowship of Reconciliation, was active in the movement to end the Vietnam War, and also founded Alternatives to Violence, Peace Brigades International, and Ahimsa Farm. He taught alternatives to violence in Maryland prisons. (Published by CRC) $30

Children’s Songs for a Friendly Planet
Compiled by Evelyn Weis, Priscilla Prutzman, & Nancy Siber
32 songs covering a wide range of topics including foreign lands, joy and laughter, friendship and caring, freedom and social justice, peace, peace heroes and heroines, and nonviolent social movements. (Published by CRC) $6.50  (6+ copies $6.25)

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
By Marshall Rosenberg
Practical skills, ideas, and vocabulary to help you get what you want peacefully. In this acclaimed text, Rosenberg offers stories, anecdotes, and exercises to dramatically change your approach to communication for the better. Strengthen your relationships, build trust, prevent conflicts and heal pain.(Published by Puddle Dancer Press) $20

The Little Book of Circle Processes: A New/Old Approach to Peacemaking
By Kay Pranis
An excellent introduction to restorative or peace-making circles to solve problems or address and repair harm, in schools, families, communities, or the workplace. The practice draws on the ancient Native American tradition that emphasizes democracy and inclusivity, a necessity in an era of division, polarized politics, and angry debate. (Published by Skyhorse) $6

Look Around
By Lucia Hooker. Recording of 16 original songs with lyric booklet. Cassette $10. CD $15. $1.50
for songbook only.

Anti-Bias Curriculum: Tools for Empowering Young Children
By Louise Derman-Sparks
The widely used guide to help young children develop anti-bias attitudes, learn to think critically, and speak up when they believe something is unfair. The term “anti-bias” is used to denote an active approach to challenging prejudice, stereotyping, bias, and the “isms.” (Published by NAEYC) $14

Starting Out Right: Nurturing Young Children as Peacemakers
By Kathleen McGinnis & Barbara Oehlberg
Authors McGinnis and Oehlberg understand the issues of violence, consumerism, racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and nationalism that undermine the struggle for peace and justice. This book offers ideas and stories to support children’s development as peacemakers. (Published by Institute for Peace & Justice/Meyer-Stone Books)) $10

Tales from the Dragon’s Cave: Peacemaking Stories for Everyone
by Arlene Williams. Foreword by Priscilla Prutzman
Williams masterfully weaves four CRC themes into wonderful fairytales. The themes explored are affirmation and building self-confidence, communication, especially listening skills, and cooperation and “Win/Win” conflict resolution. (Published by The Waking Light Press) $16

Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories of Peace, Justice and the Environment

Edited by Ed Brody, Jay Goldspinner, Katie Green, Rona Leventhal
29 children’s stories from around the world. Timeless tales that encourage conflict resolution, compassion, and sensitivity to the Earth. Each story is followed by suggested activities and exercises, storytelling tips, and resources. (Published by New Society) $23

Kids Working It Out: Stories & Strategies for Making Peace in Our Schools
Edited by Tricia S. Jones & Randy Compton. Includes a chapter by Priscilla Prutzman
Kids who understand how to manage conflict successfully can transform their schools into safer and kinder places to learn. A guide for educators and parents to the most current and effective school-based conflict resolution programs. (Published by Jossey-Bass) $35

Your Community Mediation Center: What It Is and What It Does
By Dr. Clare Danielsson
This booklet discusses the inner workings of a successful community mediation center. Available in English and French. $5

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