Social Media-tors!

Recognizing the significant problem of cyber-bullying, CRC partnered with Bridg-It to create the Social Media-tors! program, thanks to a grant from JAMS and ACR.  Social Media-tors! is an exciting way young people can use an app to make a positive impact.

We train students to intervene in harmful behavior, disputes and bullying on social media and foster a positive school environment with Bridg-It’s Shout-out system.  Trained peer mediators receive additional training in how to address and report harmful situations online using the app.  Staff are trained in how to manage reports, support students, and use the resource center to implement restorative practices.  Shout-outs can be used school-wide to promote pro-social behavior and create a positive school climate.

If you’re interested in transforming your school’s culture into a more affirming one, and would like to introduce the Social Media-tors! program, please call us at (845) 574-4225 or email us at