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Bust-Out Bear

Bust away from the current fray,
When tempers cool, then make your play.

Why ram right through the middle?
Try an end-run to solve your riddle.

Bust-out from the fighting trap. Bullying may seem to work in the short run, but in the end it won’t get you what you want. For true power, learn to use your mind, your voice and your heart.

 Understanding Unicorn

Understand what makes a bully tick.
Your brain is better than a big ol’ stick.

Understand that inside the bully
are fears and hopes you don’t know fully

Understand that others have legitimate needs, hurts, and fears as do you. Understand what’s triggering your own hot buttons – and the other guy’s.

Listening Lynx

Listen with your heart, as well as your ears, Behind loud anger, hear doubts and fears.

When little things don’t get heard,
They build ‘n build ’til it gets absurd!

Listen behind the angry words to hear unmet needs. “I hear you saying ____, is that right?” Repeat until they know they’re heard. Ask them to do the same. There is more power inlistening than in lashing out.

Loving Lion

Love the doer; But not the bad deed Appeal to the good, the inner seed.

All are born with a seed of genius
A buried core that’s free of meanness.

Let Love into your Heart. Just for being a human being, you deserve to be loved. Look for the good in others. Get what you need by appealing to the strengths of a person, not by making him feel week.

Ying – Yan Yak

Yes and no, boy and girl,
Balance inside us in a Yin Yang whirl.

Opportunity springs from crisis, Opposites: they energize us.

Yin Yang is the sign for balance. Balance the opposite feelings and thoughts within you. Embrace opposites in the situation. Turn any energy directed against you into a positive force for you.

Picturing Porpoise

Picture your own happy ending. Play a game of pretending:

Everything begins with thought.
Create a vision of the way things ought.

Picture a positive image of what you really want. By visualizing an outcome, you make it more likely to happen. A picture is more powerful than a punch! See it, feel it in your mind and you’ll attract it to you.

Respectful Raven

Respect the bully, yourself and Mother Earth,

In each of these you’ll find great worth.

We all need love and recognition.
Give it to ’em! That’s real ammunition!

Respect for yourself and others. Bullying others is a pitiful attempt to extract false respect. If you respect others, maybe they’ll respect you for real. Don’t “dis” others by labeling them. No put downs, put ups!

Originating Otter

Originate a win-win way.
Don’t make a loser or we’ll all pay.

The humiliated stew ‘n plot retaliation Co-winners give you their admiration

Originate a win-win way. You can actually win more and keep more if you make everyone a winner. Don’t make a loser or we’ll all be worse off.

Overseeing Owl

Oversee the chaotic fray,
from a wider vision, a wiser way:

Rise above wrong or right,
Wield the power of a higher sight.

Oversee the chaotic fray. Overcome evil with good and falsehood with truth. Use the Force – your inner strength – to rise above the situation.


Fearless Fox

Fearless, strong, way aboveboard,
Stand tall, heroic, without weapon or sword.

We know that fear attracts attack, Now our shield can turn it back!

Face your fears. Be brave enough to face yourself, to step outside your mask and show your true feelings. Be brave enough to tackle your true mission, your hero’s journey. Fear attracts attack, a brave stance repels it.


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