Take A Stand!

Are you being picked on or bullied?

Here are 5 things you can do to help avoid being a target.

Bustout Bear Stand tall and walk in a way that shows you are a person deserving respect. Your body language can help prevent you from being a target.
Understanding Unicorn Tell an appropriate adult. Telling to prevent a dangerous situation is not tattling.
Listening Lynx Avoid being in harms way. Getting away from a dangerous situation is not being a coward. It’s being smart.
Loving Lion Say No to the bully’s demands from the start. If you appease a bully about small things, he’ll just demand more. (Exception: If you are in physical danger, you may need to go along until you can report it to the police. It’s not worth being injured over lunch money.)
Yin Yang Yak Develop friendships — people who will stand up for each other — a caring community. Support others and ask for support. If someone is being bullied, speak up. If someone is excluded, include them in your play.

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