Elder Concerns

As our loved ones age, it is common for conflicts to arise regarding their daily care, finances, estate, and/or living arrangements. Everyone deserves to feel heard and respected when arranging needed support, making decisions about health concerns, and transitioning into assisted living facilities or nursing homes. It is possible for seniors and their families to approach discussions about challenges and make plans with creativity and positivity.  Families can effectively resolve aging-related challenges through mediation.

Mediation is a process in which a trained mediator facilitates on the behalf of both people or parties involved to fairly bring about reconciliation, compromise, or settlement. Mediation is a short-term process which often leads to improved relations between seniors, their adult children, other relatives, and care givers (e.g. nursing home aides, nurses, physicians). Mediation for families and caregivers also leads to new skills for managing roles and responsibilities. CRC has helped many families meet age-related challenges and address the needs of all involved parties. Some questions, concerns, or conflicts CRC can help mediate:

  • How can families keep relationships peaceful when everyone in the family does not agree on the decisions that need to be made?
  • When is it not safe for an older person to drive a car?
  • Should the senior stay in their home? If not, what type of eldercare facility will fit the senior’s needs? A day-care facility, rehabilitation facility, an assisted living, or a nursing home?
  • If the caregivers are the children or a spouse, how will they be supported to prevent burnout?
  • Who will deal with the finances of the person in need?
  • What happens if the nursing home isn’t giving the care the senior needs?
  • How should the family address end of life issues?
  • How will the estate be managed?
  • How is the power of attorney and the living will to be handled?

If you are interested in elder mediation for you and your loved ones, or arranging an elder care workshop for a group, please contact CRC at (845)574-4225 or inquiries@crc-global.org.

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