Who We Are

Creative Response to Conflict offers trainings, workshops, and circles to help schools, families, organizations, and communities constructively handle conflict and prevent, address, and repair harm. Conflict is a natural part of life but how we deal with it is learned. Many of us have learned to run away, ignore, and further contribute to conflict rather than deal with it productively and positively. When we accept conflict and develop resolution skills, conflict becomes an experience that strengthens friendships, deepens relationships, fosters understanding, and leads to compassion and fair outcomes.

Our programs give young people and adults the skills they need to handle conflict with greater ease and effectiveness. CRC empowers people by teaching nonviolent, creative solutions to conflict and bullying. We seek to reduce violence in our homes, schools, and communities by offering workshops based on CRC themes: cooperation, communication, affirmation, conflict resolution, bias awareness, creative responses to bullying, problem-solving, restorative practices, and mediation.